The Association for Replications in Emprical Economics (AREE) is an international network of reserachers and institutions who share their knowledge in order to bring out the best of empirical economic research. Replications are pivotal for the credibility of empirical economics. Only findings which are robust and replicable ought to be generalized and used for evidence based advice to economic policy. AREE aims to fulfill the urgent need of serious robustness checks for empirical findings in economics and promotes transparent research and open access to reserach results. We aim to push forward high quality empirical economic research which justifies advices to economic policy.

The annual AREE International Conference brings together economists to share their results of replication studies and original micro-data based research, to promote micro-data sets available to researchers, to discuss methods of replication in empirical economics, and to develop standards and guidelines for good science in empirical economic research. Proceedings of the AREE International Conference are published in IREE.

AREE Workshops are organized by individual or institutional members of AREE and aim to meet the need for intense discussions on certain issues of replications in empirical economics. Workshops topics may include methods in replication studies, replications in specific fields of empirical economics, young reserachers and many more. Based on the willingness to pay of institutional members, AREE may give financial support especially to workshops with focus on young researchers. Proceedings of AREE Workshops are welcome to be published in IREE.

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