Aims & Scope

The International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics (IREE) is dedicated to the publication of replication studies in empirical economics. All submissions to IREE are subject to a double blind peer-review. IREE is an e-journal and articles are published continuously. Along with the article, authors must submit their analysis data and programming. The several parts of the publications (article, data, and programming) are each provided with a DOI to be citable in due form. Data and code are permanently stored in a data archive. IREE is an open-access journal. IREE charges no fees from the authors at no point of the submission or publication process. We aim to support transparent and open research based on economic data and thereby to improve research quality in empirical economics.

The focus of IREE is to publish replication studies in empirical economics.

The aims of replications are to verify the correctness, robustness and generalizability of single empirical findings. Replication studies in this sense may be re-analyses of the original data and programming (pure reproduction) or re-analyses of the original research question with same data/different model or different data/same model (scientific replication). The re-analyzed original studies should already have been published in a peer reviewed journal (listed in Scopus or Web of Science). Accepted replication studies must be instantly reproducible based on the submitted material by the authors.
Authors of the original work have the opportunity to comment the replication attempt. Comments may be published along with the replication study.

IREE also welcomes papers which deal with general aspects of reproducible research and replication studies in Economics.