Aims & Scope

The International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics (IREE) is the first journal for the publication of replication studies based on micro economic data. Furthermore, IREE publishes systematic reviews, micro data sets and descriptions thereof. IREE is an e-journal and articles are published continuously after passing a fast peer-review process. Along with the article, authors must submit the underlying data and programming. The several parts of the publications (article, data, and programming) are each provided with a DOI to be citable in due form and restored in a data archive. IREE is an open access journal and all content is without any charge to the users and authors. We aim to support transparent and open research based on micro-economic data and thereby to improve research quality in empirical economics. IREE publishes articles in the following four sections:

1. Replications of Micro-Data based Economic Studies

Replications of original micro-data based economic studies are the core of this section. The aim of replications is to verify the robustness of single empirical findings. Articles in this sections may be re-analyses of the original data and programming (pure reproduction) or re-analyses of the original research question with data for e.g. different regions, and extensions of the original research question (scientific replication). The re-analyzed original studies should already have been published in a peer reviewed journal (listed in Scopus or Web of Science). Published articles in this section must be instantly reproducible based on the submitted material by the authors.
Authors of the original work have the opportunity to comment the replication study during the review procedure. Comments may be published along with the replication study.

2. Reviews of Micro-Data based Economic Studies

Publications in this section may include meta-analyses and synthesizing literature reviews of micro-data based topics.
In this section IREE aims to remove barriers for a continuous review of progresses in micro-data based economic research. Therefore, original data of published meta-analyses will be provided to other researchers to encourage easy extensions of meta-analyses i.e. by adding new or unconsidered studies.

3. International Economic Micro-Data Watch

IREE aims to widely and internationally spread the knowledge of data available to researchers. Description of micro-data sets from all over the world and descriptions of the data generating and offering institutions are welcome and assigned with a DOI. The review process for articles in this section mainly ensures the availability of the described data to researchers. Described data sets may also be restored in the IREE data archive.

4. Replication Methods and Standards

Research papers which deal with replication methods and the development of standards for replications are published in this section. We also invite researchers from other disciplines to submit their articles in this section in order to support the knowledge transfer between economics and other disciplines regarding replication techniques.