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by Martina Grunow, Hilmar Schneider, Gert G. Wagner, and Joachim Wagner

Lack of reproducibility is seriously undermining the credibility of science as a whole. By extrapolating the findings of isolated checks, one may expect a substantial fraction of published articles in scientific journals to contain findings that simply do not hold. But we do not know which articles are affected – they usually remain uncovered.

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Inflation and Broadband Revisited: Evidence from an OECD Panel. A replication study of Yi and Choi (Journal of Policy Modeling, 2005)

by Klaus Friesenbichler

This note revisits the conjecture that the use of broadband internet lowers transaction costs and thereby inflation. Using a macro-economic panel of OECD countries, it replicates and expands previous estimations by Yi and Choi (2005). We confirm the direction of the results, but also highlight a series of conceptual and econometric issues in the original contribution that need to be addressed.

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