now published (2020-2)

Trends in the Gender Wage Gap in the US. A replication study of Blau and Kahn (Journal of Economic Literature 2017)

by Matthias Collischon

This note reports that the results using the CPS and PSID from Blau and Kahn (2017) can be reproduced successfully. The authors discuss trends and explanations of the gender wage gap in the United States with data from the CPS and PSID using various decomposition techniques. The authors provide the Stata syntax as well as the CPS and PSID data used in their article as supplementary material online. While the Syntax for the CPS contains one minor mistake (the variable hrwage already existed in another form in the data and needed to be dropped), the syntax for the PSID requires some additional calculations that are not provided in Blau and Kahn’s original files to replicate the results. The syntax files provided as supplementary material to this replication note contain some more intuitive ways to replicate the results and display them, but the results do nevertheless hold up for both the CPS and the PSID. Thus, the results from Blau and Kahn (2017)
are fully reproducible.

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