Our Mission

Replications are pivotal for the credibility of empirical economics. Only findings which are robust and replicable can be generalized and can serve as evidence based advice to economic policy. Still replication studies are rarely published in economic journals. The International Journal for Re-Views in Empirical Economics (IREE) is the first journal dedicated to the publication of replication studies in empirical economics.

As yet, authors of replication studies, data sets and descriptions had a hard time gaining recognition for their work by citable publications and incentives for conducting these important kinds of work were immensely reduced. Therefore, any kind of publication in IREE is made citable in due form. We assign a DOI to each article, data set, and programming and additionally restore data sets in a permanent repository. IREE provides the platform to authors to be given credit for serious empirical research in economics.

The publication of replication studies often depends on their result. If any, replications usually need to reject the original study to get published whereas a scientific impact is denied for replications confirming original findings. This induces a severe publication bias. IREE encourages a transparent and open discourse in empirical economics that elicits high quality research. Therefore, IREE publishes research independent of the result of the study. The selection of published articles is based on technical and formal criteria but not with regards to the qualitative or quantitative results. Furthermore, IREE is an open access e-journal. All articles are subject to a peer-review process and are published as soon as they are accepted. There are neither publication nor submission fees for the authors.
We take empirical economics seriously!